It was not until very recently, when my mother was clearing up yet another mess courtesy me that she came across an entry I had penned down back during my college days. It was a list of 50 things I had hoped to do as a traveler.

It’s funny when I recall how I managed to pen these given the circumstances I was in back then. I’m proud to look back and feel I’ve achieved some of them, and hope to achieve the rest in the near future. But we all know that this is a list that keeps changing with time – new places, new people and a refined mindset.

I’d love to hear what you have in your mind as part of your Wander List – drop me a note! Here’s mine (the ones crossed out have already been achieved):

  1. Travel to 30 countries by the time I turn 30  Have since gone on to cross 50 by 33, thinking of a new target now
  2. See the Aurora Borealis
  3. See the Aurora Australis
  4. Explore the streets of Marakeech, Morocco
  5. Visit the Northernmost Country in the World
  6. Travel to the Swiss Alps and see if it is really worth it
  7. Travel the Silk Road (or at least a part of it) in Central Asia
  8. Visit Constantinople (or Istanbul as we call it these days)
  9. Take a bike ride to Leh
  10. Do a road trip from Arunachal Pradesh to Kashmir
  11. Travel the Trans-Siberian route and visit Lake Baikal
  12. Explore under-sea life in Andaman or Lakshadweep
  13. Roam the eerie streets of Eastern Europe
  14. Buy a ship model of the Santa Maria from the streets of Lisbon
  15. Cycle in the Great Wall of China
  16. Trek the Himalayas before turning 30
  17. Drink Iranian Tea at Shiraaz or Tehran
  18. Travel in Andalusia and ask someone about Don Quixote
  19. Study the architecture behind the Great Chola Temple Periya Kovil in Thanjavur
  20. Climb Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand
  21. Visit the Easter Islands and combine it with a trip to Patagonia and an Antarctic Island
  22. Buy a statue of Alexander the Great from the Macedonian province
  23. Do bungee jumping in South Island
  24. Visit the Angkhor Wat temple in Siam Reap
  25. Meditate at a Buddhist Monastery in Tibet
  26. Visit the Mayan Pyramids in Latin America
  27. Drive in the German Autobahns
  28. Step foot on Saharan Africa
  29. Climb the tallest peak of any continent
  30. Eat Pizza in Italy
  31. Say hello to Cenghiz Khan’s legacy in Mongolia
  32. Explore the Hindu ruins (Shiva temples) in Central Asia
  33. Do an African Safari in South Africa
  34. Sky Dive in Angola
  35. Spend a day at Tristan da Cunha, the world’s most remote inhabited island
  36. Enjoy the magnificence of Machu Pichu
  37. Participate in the Durga Pooja celebrations in Kolkata
  38. Eat the world’s largest vegetarian thali in Gujarat
  39. Take a snap of the Big Ben at 12:00
  40. See all 4 oceans – Arctic, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific
  41. Drive from Perth to Sydney
  42. Be a fruit-bat in Japan
  43. Get lost in the pyramids of Egypt
  44. Survive an entire day wearing a Rolex watch in Carcass, Venezuela
  45. Hitch hike from one end of any country to another
  46. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner in 3 different countries in a single day
  47. Visit World War II ruins in Europe
  48. Watch a live game of football in Europe
  49. Watch a game of test cricket at Lords
  50. Speak to the families of victims of the Chernobyl disaster site in Ukraine